I needed to take a break from some work I was doing at home the other night and decided to jump on my Alesis synth. I started going on and on with this digital piano riff that I thought would make for a good verse. Then, I came across a chorus part so I hooked up my synth to my PowerBook and fired up GarageBand.

So over the course of the past couple of nights, I was able to put together something that is almost finished (sans words). From the bridge to the end is still a bit rough, but it’s coming together nicely…I think.

The strange thing is that it is probably the happiest sounding song I have written. Granted, I could change that by writing some dark words for it, but I don’t think I will. What is even more odd is that I am really not in “a happy place” right now. I’m surprised I didn’t write something sounding like nine inch nails! But maybe this came out of wanting to be in a happy place.

And because it is my happy song and I have no words for it, I am tentatively calling it…

The Happy Song (3 MB)

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