Well, I have written, recorded and published the first complete song of what I am calling “my second musical phase” (or BK 2.0).

The song is called “Parting of the Ways.” I’m not sure this will remain the final product, but it’s a complete song for the most part.

I am trying to find time to “perfect” the vocals (with my definition of “perfect” being as good as I can possibly get them) and I may try to trim it down a bit. That being said, I’m quite pleased with it. I set a goal to write something this past weekend and, as Dubya himself would say, “Mission accomplished!”

Oh, one more note about the title…since this is the first song of BK 2.0 and it comes at the same time a new version of Doctor Who (Who 2.0?) is currently airing on BBC (and everywhere, it seems, except the USA…thanks for declining, Sci-Fi Channel), I couldn’t resist the chance to borrow a title from the new Who. The season finale, which airs in a few weeks, is called “The Parting of the Ways.”

Parting of the Ways (7.4 MB, 5:22)

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