2 thoughts on “Bush finally telling the truth?

  1. Interesting comments, Audrey…I wonder why when I clicked on your name and then the link to your blog on your profile, I received a 404 error. I mean, you seem to have such enlightening things to say.But this is why I usually avoid political topics…because, like religion, it usually brings out the absolute worst in people.Based on the adjective you used to describe me, you obviously lack a sense of humor; and based on the word you used to describe John Kerry, you obviously lack any degree of tolerance.And who said I supported Kerry? I didn’t like him either. To me, this past presidential election was like The Simpsons’ Halloween episode when they had to choose between the aliens Kang and Kodos.That being said…I actually supported Bush through 9/11 and when we went into Afghanistan to hunt down Bin Laden. I didn’t even mind going into Iraq…IF the cause was just, which is what we were led to believe. At the time, I gave Bush the benefit of the doubt on the whole “weapons of mass destruction” thing. However, I think it is pretty much established that Dubya was just finishing up something his daddy and Dick Cheney couldn’t get done during the first Gulf War.Is it great for humanity that Saddam Hussein is out of power and in custody? Of course it is. But after learning what we did and did not know about Iraq, it turns out that our going in there wasn’t really justified…especially when you consider there are probably bigger threats to the United States and the world out there (i.e., North Korea, Iran, remnants of the Soviet Union).Instead of charging into Iraq, we probably should have first dealt with these bigger threats in a diplomatic manner.Also, there is no room for hate on my blog.

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