I was changing my photo on my OurMedia.org music site when I noticed a pair of buttons under the listing of media files I have on the site. One button said “XML” and other said “mRSS.”

Now, I had seen the XML button for the blog part of the site, but I had never noticed the feed option for the media section. This means after talking about trying to get a podcast going for months, it turns out I already had one through the OurMedia site. Granted, it was only the three songs on the site, but anybody who subscribed to the feed using the XML or mRSS buttons was able to download those songs as podcasts.

So if anyone is interested in subscribing to my podcast, just follow the instructions of your podcast client (i.e., iPodder, the latest version of iTunes) and subscribe to the feed using the URL http://www.ourmedia.org/mediarss/user/4764.

And that’s it…whenever I upload media to the site, it will be downloaded automatically by your podcast client.

So now I’m thinking of coming up with a format for a 20-minute program to publish on the site. I would like to do something that focuses on art and technology since most of my friends dabble in both. It would be easier to get ideas and, hopefully, guests 😉

Sigh…now, I just need some time to develop the concept into an actual show. Oh well, hopefully, the issue of Rider University magazine now in production doesn’t hang over my head for too long and I can get working on a treatment for the podcast.

2 thoughts on “I was podcasting and didn’t even know it

  1. ‘http://www.ourmedia.org/mediarss/user/4764 does not seem to be a valid podcast URL’ according to itunes.

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