5 thoughts on “A picture says a thousand words

  1. Merk,Yeah, I kind of figured that…but I still wanted to take a shot at Cardinals fans so I decided to go ahead with the post. (I hate Cardinals Nation SO much!)Do you have a link to a debunking site? I just did a quick search and couldn’t find anything that says it is fake. I would include the link if you have one…just for the sake of fairness.But Cardinals fans are still morans, I mean, morons.; )

  2. Would something like this be material for a debunk site like snopes?I left it all to my untrained eye. 😉

  3. Merk,Are you saying the guy and the sign were “staged?” Or that the photo has been doctored?If you’re saying it was staged, I would agree that’s a strong possibility. However, I think the photo is real.I’m not doubting your untrained eye, but when you perform a Google search of “morans” (Web, not images) you get three images at the top of the results (Here’s one…and here is the other.The first two are of the same guy, but they are different pictures (different people in the background and the “Go USA” sign is at different angles). Without putting it into Photoshop, it doesn’t seem altered to me (of course, I might change my mind once I get it in Photoshop). Also, the fact there are multiple images of the same guy with the same sign also makes me think this might be real. I mean, obviously it’s possible somebody altered the sign on multiple images of the same guy, but the sign is the same in two different photos. And I can’t find either of these images without the sign the way it is in the picture.I’ll continue to investigate, though. Maybe I should send an e-mail to Snopes?- BK

  4. I am not really sure I want to spend the weekend researching this but…I did check into this. The image you have on your post must be somewhat of a lesser quality format as I did find some other pictures of the same image that appeared less distorted (with regards to the actual sign itself).If I were part of the mythbusters I would have to say that the fact this guys is a Moran is confirmed!!! I stand corrected.(yes I meant to spell it that way)

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