Ben Folds played a special hour-long set at the SoHo Apple Store in New York City on Tuesday. I made arrangements to meet up with Katie, but the full parking lot at the Hamilton (NJ) train station threatened to thwart those plans. However, after missing the 12:06 p.m. train out of Hamilton, I decided to just drive up to Hoboken, park there and take a PATH train to the World Trade Center station. From there, it was a quick trip on the E train to Spring Street, followed by a quick six-block walk to the Apple Store.

Since Katie was already there, I just “merged” — as opposed to “cut” — into the line with her. We got our wristbands for entry and Katie was smart enough to “buy” a spot on the line from some guys who were going to be staying there by purchasing them a hot dog and four bottles of waters from a nearby cart.

So Katie and I spent a couple of hours wandering around NYC and returned to the Apple Store around 5:30 p.m. Katie’s purchase worked out perfectly…the spot she bought us wound up putting us in the last row of seats in the store’s upstairs theater section. Normally, workshops and presentations about Apple and third-party products take place in this area. This night, a Baldwin baby grand piano, a drum set and a bass guitar filled the space.

Ben and his new bandmates were great, as usual. It was such an intimate performance…although it was a bit odd watching a Ben Folds performance in a place where people were buying PowerBooks and iPods downstairs.

Anyway, I took some pictures, which you will see below. The last one is of a box that we saw on the subway. It is upside down, but the box reads “bulk fingers.” Katie thought it would make for an interesting photo so I took one.

4 thoughts on “A great time in NYC

  1. hey, mr. kv3tch…just remember…I know who you are! ; )and I told you the room was dark…i didn’t get a chance to do any photo editing, so that’s what you get…OK?

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