Christian Beach performs at Blaggard's Pub, NYC, 9/15/05.
I went up to a place called Blaggard’s Pub on West 38th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues) in New York City on Thursday night to see a friend and former music collaborator, Christian Beach perform.

As usual, the two of us in close proximity led to technical problems. This time, it took a near MacGyver-like improvisation to get Christian’s Yamaha digital piano to come through the sound board. Although they finally got it working, there was some popping going on, especially when Christian was playing the lower end of the keyboard. Plus, the PA system wasn’t the greatest. But Christian’s musicianship overcame all that…and the way-too-talkative crowd hanging out at the bar.

While Christian was performing, I took some rather crappy photos, which you can see here. Actually, the picture above was taken while they were trying to get the keyboard situation straightened out. Somehow, I managed to get this weird “out of body” thing going on…if you look at Christian’s face, you can see a double image of it blending into the brick wall in the background.

In terms only Christian would understand, I wonder if perhaps it isn’t a double image of his face, but rather the ghost of Elvis Presley causing the glitches…”The King” may be haunting us from beyond for stealing his “sound FXXXXXX.”

; )

One thought on “Music in Midtown

  1. Well, I suppose it’s my turn to get the brunt of the embarrasement for a change :-)I really dig the “drum solo” I play on the M1 during the bridge of the song.Thanks again for taking the pics! I already updated my Myspace with them. The funniest part about the night was when I realized that I was not talking to the soundman, but in fact the doorman about my equipment setup. Classic.And sorry about the “waterfall” on the train 😉

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