Food from Newberry's Backyard Bar-BQ in Newberry, FL.
Mmm…the Newberry Family Feast for Four from Newberry’s Backyard Bar-BQ in Newberry, FL. Good eats!

Well, the University of Florida Hilton — headquarters for my friend’s wedding — does indeed have free, high-speed Internet in the rooms. However, I just haven’t been in mine long enough to do much with it. But since this is my last night here, I figured I should try to get one post onto the ol’ blog.

The picture above was taken at the rehearsal dinner. I thought it was an interesting photo…kind of like something you’d see on Mike Doughty’s blog so I decided to post it.

That’s all…now, I’m going to sleep.

One thought on “Greetings from Gainesville

  1. dudewhat if mike doughty moves to portland???then there will be NO reason for me tostay in new york!i can’t wait to see rent againand btw, i never found the theater on sundayi’m thinking of trying again this weekend

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