This was the scene outside my window in Fairless Hills, PA, around 5:30 this morning…the first snowfall of the winter. I’m sorry the photo is so dark, but I didn’t want to use a flash and draw attention to the fact I’m a geek up at 5:30 a.m. taking pictures of the first snowfall.

Well, anyway…for some reason, whenever I am home for the first snowfall of winter, I feel compelled to sit down at my keyboard and try to write something wintry (i.e., “Mountain Dance” by Dave Grusin). Well, instead, I went back into my archives and brought a song called “Eventually” into the 21st century. This song dates back to around 1989 or ’90. My former bandmate, Christian Beach, wrote different lyrics to the music I wrote and called this song “Second Look” (and I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear this song again).

Except for a couple of instances, this sounds pretty much just like the original version I wrote so many years ago. The lyrics in the first verse and the chorus have been around for ages. The bridge is something I started playing around with recently so that needs a lot of work. I quickly improvised the words in the second verse and those in the bridge are obviously temporary (when you listen, you’ll hear what I’m talking about).

To listen, click on the headline above or, if you have QuickTime, on the embedded player below.

Eventually (demo) (4:12/5.8 MB)

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