Office flood

This has been one of those weeks…let’s recap:

Monday: I get yet another flat tire…and it couldn’t be repaired. I was told I needed a new one. Actually, I was told I needed four new ones. Great.

Tuesday: While getting the flat tire replaced at another location, I was again told all my other tires needed to be replaced, but I decided to put that off until after the holidays. But, wait! There’s more. As they were bringing the car off the lift, they found that a bearing in my drive shaft had separated. So I need that done now, too. All in all, I need another $800 or so to get my car in proper driving condition. I’m getting the drive shaft fixed Saturday. Lovely.

Wednesday: I went to the doctor because I have been experiencing some intermittent chest pains. He thinks I have some form of heart disease so I’m going for tests next week. Fantastic.

Thursday: Nothing really bad happened this day except for a minor insurance issue regarding my doctor. Turns out they were punching in my insurance ID number incorrectly.

Friday: Came into work to the scene above. That isn’t my desk…it belongs to our graphic designer. My desk doesn’t appear to have a drop of water on it, although there is a garbage can collecting water right behind my chair.

Click on the image to check out a QuickTime movie of the damage in my office.

Note: For those curious, the title of this post is a Peter Gabriel reference.

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