Apparently, I’m completely fine…and since around the time I first saw the cardiologist on Dec. 23, I haven’t really had any of the chest pains I first experienced Nov. 18 (I remember the date because it first happened while I was at a Rider basketball game).

I had a follow-up appointment with the cardiologist Friday and — after two hours in the office’s waiting room — he told me all my tests and exams came back normal. He wants me to go back to my regular doctor — the one who quickly had me concerned about heart disease — so he can find a cause for the pain, but since I’m not experiencing it anymore I’m not sure how I’m supposed to approach it. I mean, do I walk in and say, “Well, doc, I’m fine…cure me?”

But my cardiologist wants me to follow through with it so I guess I have to make the appointment. Yeah.

Oh, just before leaving for another patient, the cardiologist asked me a question I didn’t want to hear: “Do you drink a lot of coffee?”


Of course, the answer to that is “yes.” I have been trying to keep it to just two cups a day since this all started, but if I have to completely give up coffee, I might as well just let my heart rot away.

And decaf just won’t help either…please, what the hell is the point of decaf?!

One thought on “Just a quick update on my health

  1. BK,All the best to you man. Stay well!Living without coffee is like living without beer. Granted it is still living in the clinical sense…but that is not much fun!! 😦

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