When I was researching Apple Computers’ newly announced iTunes U program to see how Rider could benefit from it, I checked out how Stanford is using iTunes.

On Stanford’s iTunes U Music Store site, there are a number of lectures, guest speakers and news stories in both audio and video formats. One area of particular interest was the music section since Westminster Choir College is an important part of Rider University.

When I checked out Stanford’s music selections, there was a compilation of songs by the university’s students, alumni, faculty and staff. I decided to listen to a song by Natalise called “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” and — although a bit underproduced — it turned out to be a really good dance track.

I decided to investigate further…meaning I Googled her name. Well, of course, it turns out she has incredible looks to go along with her musical talent. But then I read this on her bio page:

Despite being a straight-A student at one of the nation’s most prestigious schools, Natalise could not ignore her calling. She made a pact with her parents that if she could graduate from Stanford in only three years, they would let her pursue her real dream of having a musical career. Naturally, Natalise — who majored in communication, while working on her songwriting and singing occasionally at community-based events — won the bet.

Stanford…in THREE years?! So she is gorgeous, talented and smart! That’s a killer combination.

I’m not really into dance or pop music, but I admire someone who is talented and works hard at her craft. I mean, she could have taken the easy route by going on “American Idol” or something, but she’s doing it her own way so I don’t mind giving her a little more exposure.

So check out her site and her stuff on iTunes.

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