Actor Anthony Rapp, best known for originating the role of Mark Cohen in the musical, “Rent,” came to Rider earlier tonight and talked about the part, the play and dealing with the losses of his mother to cancer and “Rent” writer Jonathan Larson to a twice-undiagnosed aortic dissection due to suspected Marfan syndrome—all of which is discussed in Rapp’s first book, “Without You….”

Each person attending the lecture was handed a ticket on the way in. It turns out, they were giving away 20 copies of Rapp’s book through a raffle. Now, since I was the elder statesman in the crowd among 19-, 20- and 21-year olds, I would have felt awkward walking up to claim my prize if I were to win so I just sat there hoping my number wouldn’t be called.

Of course, my number is the third called…why couldn’t I have had that kind of luck playing Mega Millions a couple of weeks ago? Ugh.

So I gave my ticket to the girl sitting in front of me and she went up and got the book. Now, I just hope my action earns a karmic reward. A benefit celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Rent” is being held at the New York Theatre Workshop on April 24; and Katie and I are going to enter the lottery for two of the 34 tickets being made available for $25. Hopefully, one of our cards is picked then.

Anyway, Rapp was very entertaining and insightful Monday night, and he gave those in attendance a treat by singing a bit of “Seasons of Love”…

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