As much as I, as a Philadelphia Flyers fan, hate the New Jersey Devils, at least I respect them for identifying themselves as playing in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey Nets are looking to bolt for Brooklyn and the Jets and Giants continue to use “New York” in their names even though both teams have played their home games in New Jersey for several years.

And then there are the awkwardly named New York-New Jersey MetroStars of Major League Soccer. The MetroStars currently play in the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, NJ—same as the Giants, Jets, Devils and Nets. However, the MetroStars are hoping to build a soccer-only stadium in Harrison, NJ.

You would think that by choosing to remain in New Jersey, the MetroStars would remain committed to keeping “New Jersey” in their official name. Well, thanks to the team being sold to the makers of Red Bull energy drink—a move including naming rights for the new stadium in New Jersey—that won’t be the case.

Instead, Red Bull has renamed the MetroStars as the even more awkward—and geographically inaccurate—”Red Bull New York.” Yup, the team’s name is now the same as the drink…and so long to New Jersey…even though the new Red Bull Stadium will be in Harrison, NJ.

Fortunately, this is American soccer were talking about here and nobody cares.

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