Last night, Christian Beach and I saw the Tony Levin Band play at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ. Wow! What a great freakin’ show! Never thought I would hear Genesis’ “Back in NYC” from “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” performed live, but Tony & Co. made it happen.

For the uninitiated, Tony Levin is best known as bass player extraordinaire for Peter Gabriel and King Crimson. The band consists of New Jersey’s own Larry Fast, a pioneer in synthesizer-based music known for his work under the name Synergy and his collaborations with Peter Gabriel; drummer Jerry Marotta, also known for his work with Peter Gabriel as well as with Hall & Oates and Indigo Girls; guitarist Jesse Gress, who regulary tours and records with Todd Rundgren; and keyboardist Pete Levin, Tony’s brother.

Anyway, Tony and Larry were kind enough to take pics with me and Christian (who, by the way, played on the same stage the night before with Transfusion M)…

Me and Tony Levin

Larry Fast and Christian

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