While I dealt with a slight infection of my right eye the day after my Apple Store adventure, I hooked my synthesizer up to my steadily deteriorating PowerBook and recorded what could be a song in the making.

But I got stuck on a bridge so I put it to rest for the night. I woke up and played around with some ideas late Sunday morning. I finally came across something I liked and went to insert it into the GarageBand recording I worked on Saturday. Unfortunately, I discovered that either the MIDI cable I have hooked up between my MIDI interface and my keyboard is bad, or the interface itself has crapped out on me. This happened a couple of months ago, but it was resolved when I just happened to switch out my USB cables as a last resort. This time, though, that didn’t do the trick. Since the cable doesn’t look bad (i.e., no kinks, no exposed wiring), I suspect it is the MIDI interface (which was a generous gift from my friend, Jason).

So…since any future recording won’t be done until I get around to replacing the MIDI interface (unless it suddenly springs back to life), I give to you this very incomplete song idea that, in my mind, was influenced by Keane (since I love their new single so much):

Untitled 05-20-2006

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