As Memorial Day Weekend draws to a close here in 2006, I have to say that my self-imposed sentence for writing decent new songs seems to have been a success.

Here is one I started writing Sunday and continued working on today. It kind of came out of nowhere. I mean, it has a horn part. I don’t usually do horns (probably because all the horn sounds in GarageBand suck), but the song started out sounding a lot like the Polyphonic Spree so I tried some horns, which at times remind me of those used on the Beatles’ “Got to Get You into My Life.” At that point, I think Ben Folds’ “Army” also crept into the mix of influences. Another odd thing about the song is that it is surprisingly upbeat, for the most part. I still need to come up with a bass part and some lyrics, though. Here is an unfinished version of this demo:

Untitled 05-28-06 (no vocals)

And, once again, here is the song I recorded Saturday:

Untitled 05-27-06 (no vocals)

One thought on “Another song from the “Memorial Day Weekend 2006” sessions

  1. Brian,I really like both of your new songs – nicely done.I think at some point, you’ll have to invest in an application like Apple’s Logic so you can access better audio samples via VST instruments (or using Apple’s Audio Units). You might even want to try piping the MIDI through your Alesis keyboard and record the sound as an audio track in Garageband if possibe… as I know the piano sounds are quite impressive on the Alesis. Of course, I’m only hearing the MP3 versions.Your two recent compositions are on a new level and I believe they deserve better instrumentation.If you don’t want to go the software route, perhaps look into acquiring a used Korg Triton sound module,etc.

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