Well, I’m packing my 12-speed in the ol’ VUE and bringing it with me to the Jersey Shore this holiday weekend. Considering I spent the Memorial Day holiday confined to my apartment and writing songs (which came out pretty good), I feel the need to enjoy the outdoors this extended weekend.

Before I take off on my first ride of the summer, however, I must get a flat rear tire repaired. Once that is done, I hope to be on two wheels early tomorrow morning…and I’ll get to ride over the new Mantoloking Bridge. Woo hoo!

So forget about a Lance Armstrong-less Tour de France that has already been rocked by a doping scandal. The Tour de BK is where it’s at in ’06!

Here is my route, which starts after a transport by car to a shopping center near the Brick/Silverton, N.J., border:

Of course, I’ll only be going on this bike ride if my head stops feeling woozy from a self-inflicted coffee cup wound I suffered while walking in my front door this afternoon. I had my travel mug in my right hand and went to shoo away a buzzing insect flying around my head…well, I clocked myself on the front, right side of my head with the top edge of the mug and sliced some skin off.

It’s not quite as bad as the time I hit my head with great force on a beam in Rider’s Alumni Gym during a basketball game, but it was bleeding pretty good there for a few minutes until I patched myself up.

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