In case you haven’t heard, the state of New Jersey has effectively closed for business thanks to a political showdown over the state budget.

That means no lottery in New Jersey. Now, while the lottery’s revenue supposedly goes toward services for the elderly and higher education, it’s really not a big deal that there isn’t a lottery for the time being.

Then again…you have these New Jersey residents who are quoted in this article from The Times (of Trenton):

The hiatus of lottery sales has become an inconvenience to Trenton residents like Michael Dell, who have to leave the Garden State to buy tickets.

Standing yesterday outside of the Pennsylvania News and Tobacco shop in Morrisville, Pa., Dell said he couldn’t believe the state would allow the budget crisis to get this far.

“The state’s actions have taken a toll on our residents. It’s very inconvenient to have to go across the river just to get lottery tickets,” Dell said. “It takes time out time of your day that you don’t normally plan for.”

Here’s the thing, Mr. Dell…you don’t HAVE to go across the river just to get lottery tickets. You could simply NOT play during the hiatus.

Here’s another one…

Waiting in line to purchase a Powerball ticket, resident Joe Camarana said the absence of lottery ticket sales is annoying, but he doesn’t plan on letting government disputes prevent him from playing the lottery.

“They’d have to break my legs to keep me from buying these tickets,” Camarana said.

OK, that kind of language screams “gambling problem.”

Just wait until these people realize the casinos in Atlantic City are going to be closing at 8 a.m. Wednesday because they need state regulators to operate.

And don’t think they can just go to a race track and bet on the horses. The state’s race tracks were shut down, too.

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