posted an item yesterday listing the top 10 can’t miss, tech-related clips on YouTube.

For various reasons, I felt like sharing four of the clips here on TWR. As you may have noticed, I posted one yesterday that showed Jon Stewart hilariously discussing Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens’ “the Internet is a series of tubes” speech during a recent episode of “The Daily Show.”

Today, I would like to share this humorous look at Microsoft history. This features Bill Gates getting hit in the face with a pie, Steve Ballmer going ape-shit crazy to Miami Sound Machine’s “Get on Your Feet” in 2000, and some of those madcap moments during various trade shows and conferences when Windows shows the world how really craptacular it is.


Tomorrow, I will post the other two clips. They aren’t funny, but they are very interesting clips from the early 1980s featuring Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs talks about the future of computers in 1981

Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh on January 24, 1984
(no, it’s not the Super Bowl commercial).

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