Although the SciFi Channel has not said anything yet (oops…see update below), the BBC has announced that series two (or, in U.S. terms, season two) of “Doctor Who,” which completed its original broadcast run on BBC 1 last month, will begin showing up on U.S. television screens in September.

The run will kick off with a two-hour premiere package that will include David Tennant’s debut, The Christmas Invasion.

Chris Regina, Vice President of Programming, SCI FI Channel, said “Our audience has clearly embraced ‘Doctor Who’ and it has delivered a significant increase in viewers in the time period. We are looking forward to keeping the momentum going with David Tennant as the new Doctor.”

Executive Producer and Lead Writer Russell T Davies says, “We were delighted by the first season’s success in the US, and can promise new thrills, new laughs, new heartbreak, and some terrifying new aliens in Season Two.”

Also, the BBC’s “Doctor Who” Web site currently features a photo of David Tennant as the Doctor with Freema Agyeman, who will play medical student Martha Jones—the Doctor’s new companion—in series three of the programme (love using these UK terms).

UPDATE 8/11/06
SciFi Channel’s SciFi Wire reported the news about the second season of “Doctor Who” a few hours after the BBC announcement Thursday.

Photo: The TARDIS, Rose (Billie Piper) and The Doctor (David Tennant). Courtesy of the BBC.

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