A BiKathlon is the BK version of a biathlon, which I plan on completing today. My BiKathlon consists of a three-mile run and a 50-mile bike ride. The three-mile run has already been completed this morning in 28:00:14.

I am about to hop in my car and head to my parents’ place in Toms River to get my bike and complete the second part of the BiKathlon. Of course, I have to get my bike’s rear, flat tire fixed first. I just hope the bad weather expected in Ocean County this afternoon holds off until I’m done with the ride.

I just have to find a way to add 14 miles to my 36-mile route (which I’m going to work out now). If I can ride the 50 miles, that will put me at 202 miles during the months of July and August, eclipsing my 200-mile goal. Of course, when I set that goal, I didn’t think I would have accumulated another 20 miles running during the month of August.

But it’s all part of my fitness initiative…and my training for the Mercer County 5K Heart Run I am participating in Sept. 16…and for which I still need donors! Hint, hint!

UPDATED 4:00 p.m., 8/26/06
Well, I probably could have completed a 50-mile trek today. My legs felt good…the bike felt good (with the rear tire repaired). Unfortunately, the ominous clouds in the sky forced me to cut the cycling portion of my BiKathlon to only 10 miles (I have to check on this, but I think that’s about right). Of course, no storm ever came and it has only drizzled off and on since I started–and ended–my ride. But I chose to be cautious…and this means I’m still at least 40 or so miles short of my 200-mile goal by the end of August. So I have decided to bring my bike back to Bucks County and try to get in as much riding as possible before the end of the month and hope I can make up the 40 miles.

One thought on “What is a BiKathlon?

  1. Hey BK,Great job!! Sorry your ride got cut short but at least you were there to complete your goal!!BTW,I have been putting 5-10 miles on my bike every other morning. At one point two years ago I was riding 20+ miles 3 days per week and I am working up to that.If you need help getting to your 200 you have an open invite to come ride with me in NJ.We could do a Saturday AM ride or two.

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