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The basics of the audio post above:

1) Survived my first-ever 5K run.
2) Finished the run in 27 minutes, 50-something seconds (I think I found the site that will have the official results…will update all of you later).
3) Realized I didn’t get my Heart Walk/Run shirt from the American Heart Association. I guess it will get mailed once the donation amounts are confirmed. All I know is I better not get screwed out of that shirt.
4) I do have a nifty Rider-oriented Heart Walk shirt I wore during the race.

Again, thank you to those that donated. Your support for me and the fight against heart disease was very much appreciated.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the Giants-Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field. So I will leave you with…


Photo: Rider’s University Advancement team 5K runners — (L to R) Mike Scott, graphic designer for publications; The Bronc, mascot; Jacyln Levi, assistant director of annual giving; and me.

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