Robert Downey Jr. has been cast as industrialist Tony Stark/superhero Iron Man in the upcoming film adaptation of the Marvel Comics character to be directed by Jon Favreau.

This casting choice is out of nowhere, but I think I like it a lot. The Stark character struggles with alcoholism and Downey’s personal problems with addiction gives him unique insight into that part of the character (although it is rumored the first “Iron Man” movie will not explore the alcoholism angle too much, if at all). I have never thought of Downey as a superhero, but he is definitely one of my favorite actors.

Downey reportedly pushed hard for the role, working out to get in shape for the character and growing a goatee to resemble the modern look of Tony Stark in the comic books.

“Iron Man” is scheduled for release on May 2, 2008.

One thought on “Robert Downey Jr. is “Iron Man”

  1. wow, cool. i just started up my wordpress actually, and i just noticed the related posts thinger. that’s is very neat. anyways yes, i agree, i like the downey choice as well. oh wow, sept. 2006! you’ll probably never read this comment then, ha ha. well now that the movie is released, what do you think of it?

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