Well, here’s an update on things.

First…I am no longer working at Rider…and I don’t plan on going through the whole thing again here.

Second…this was a very bad sports weekend for me…Rutgers football loses at Cincinnati, ending the Scarlet Knights’ perfect season and national championship dream…and the Eagles lose to the terrible Tennessee Titans while Donovan McNabb suffers a torn anterior cruciate ligament and will be sidelined eight months to a year.

However, the free time has allowed me to work on a couple of musical ideas…

Never Too Far (demo w/ partial vocals)

This is an update of a song I originally wrote when I was 18 or 19 years old. The first version was a synth-based, “new age” piece featuring pan flute and calliope sounds. This new version features piano, but I included a more traditional flute sound in a nod to the original. The bridge section has also been changed…hopefully for the better. I tried my best to remember the lyrics. The first verse and the choruses are intact, but I couldn’t remember the words to the second verse so those are still incomplete. The lyrics in the bridge are obviously improvised and will be changed at some point.

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