It appears Stephen Mara, son of the late Wellington Mara, has more fight in him than the team his father owned until his death in October 2005.

On Tuesday, just two days after the Philadelphia Eagles went into the Meadowlands and beat the New York Giants, 36-22, in an important NFC East showdown, Mara assaulted Eagles fan and fellow stock broker Bob Tomasulo on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

From (citing a New York Post report)…

The paper quotes Bob Tomasulo, 57, as saying that he had been joking back and forth with Mara about the Eagles and the Giants for years, and he was surprised when his comments Tuesday provoked an angry reaction.

Another, unnamed broker told the Post that Mara started screaming, “I’m gonna f- – -ing kill you! Don’t f- – – around with my family! Don’t insult my family!”

That broker told the newspaper that Tomasulo responded, “Hey, what is your problem? It’s just a game!” But the broker said Mara yelled back, “No, it’s not just a game, it’s my f- – -ing family!” and then charged at Tomasulo.

Tomasulo told the paper that Mara just seemed to snap.

“He charged me like an animal,” Tomasulo told the newspaper. “He charged me like he wanted to sack me. At first, he got me in a bear hug and bent me over a trading post. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then he proceeded to choke me. I passed out for a minute.”

Now, I just want to say Wellington Mara was one of the NFL’s founding fathers, as far as I’m concerned. Much like Lamar Hunt, the Kansas City Chiefs owner who recently passed away, Mara helped make the league as strong as it is today.

That said, Stephen Mara illustrates an irrefutable fact of life…the Giants suck!

Actually, the only thing that sucks more than the Giants…that’s right…the Eagles’ next victim: the Dallas Cowboys…and that stinkin’, spittin’ loser weasel T.O.


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