So I finally got around to writing and recording a new song this past weekend. Well, it’s really more like a sketch of a song, but it creates a foundation for something that should be one of my better works.

The drum/percussion parts will be changed and I’m not sure the bridge is going to stay the same. But the verse and chorus parts are pretty much established, although I might make an adjustment in the verse parts to make them a bit different from the intro.

Basically, it still needs a lot of work…and, as is often the case with my stuff, lyrics/vocals. However, this is the first thing I have written and managed to record in about a year. And, except for the faux acoustic version of the “Technology and the Arts” theme I recorded for that podcast, this is the first time I have recorded on my MacBook (using GarageBand, of course).

So, here you go…enjoy my latest musical creation (but keep in mind this is a work in progress).

“Alliel (Rough Demo Mix #1)” (4:42 / 6.5 MB)

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