Went to a few bars in the Old City section of Philly last night…started out in Triumph Brewing Co., where I left a couple of posters promoting my friend Christian Beach’s set there on Wednesday, June 25. I’m thinking, though, that chances are slim those posters will ever make it to the walls by the time he takes the stage. Maybe I’ll make a follow-up call Tuesday to see if they are still there and make sure they go up.

Anyway, we then went to National Mechanics. Now, I really wasn’t up for drinking anything other than the IPA I had at Triumph, but when I saw the name of the beer pictured below, I couldn’t resist ordering it.

I present to you…

Hoptimus Prime @ National Mechanics, Philly


Sorry it’s not a better picture…it was taken with my cell phone.

It was definitely hoppy…maybe a bit too hoppy. I wish it came in some kind of transforming drinking vessel, though. That would have been totally geeky.

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