Qualcomm QCP2700 Cell Phone

So, to all my friends out there, I just want you to know that I am currently without a cell phone…somehow I lost it in a span of 30 seconds of time and 50 feet in distance. All I know is that it vanished so I filed a claim (thank goodness I took the total equipment coverage) and will be getting a replacement phone delivered to my office tomorrow (Wed., 7/9).

But I drove out to visit my parents last night and it was weird not having a phone in the car. The last time I didn’t have a phone with me for a relatively long car trip (an hour or more) was before I bought my first cell phone in 1998, which reminded me of some of my old phones. The one pictured to the right is a Qualcomm QCP2700 from the late 90s. I think my first phone was a Motorola model, but my second was a Qualcomm very similar to the QCP2700, if not the same model.

2 thoughts on “I lost my cell phone…feels like it’s 1997

  1. Brian, thanks for taking me back 10 years. I found your posted picture via google. That Qualcomm was my first cell phone, way back in 98…lol. I totally agree with you, it does feel weird now, if I don’t have my cell phone with me at all time.

    Thanks again,


  2. I had this phone, or one similar to it, and LOVED it. I probably carried it longer than I should have because people thought I was carrying around my cordless phone from the house! By today’s standards, that phone would be the equivalent of carrying around a brick!

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