Whenever I look at the stats for my little ol’ blog here, I am amazed at how much traffic I received during the Phillies’ World Series-winning run in 2009.

My blog normally gets a few hundred views per month…I would say in the 600-800 range, typically. But in May 2008, page views jumped from 707 during the previous month to 1,623. The next three months were in the 1,200 neighborhood.

Then, during the final stretch of the Phillies’ season in September, as they made their run to a second consecutive National League East title, views went up to 2,196 for the month. During the playoffs in October, my blog enjoyed its best traffic ever with 3,765 views. After falling to 1,675 in November, the blog has returned to its typical 600-800 views per month.

I don’t want to turn this into a Phillies-only blog, especially since there are so many great ones out there already, like The Good Phight, Phillies Nation, The Fightins, etc. But I should probably write more about the team than I do for the sake of blog traffic.

By the way, the Phillies won their seventh in a row last night with a 3-0 victory over the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Cole Hamels tossed a complete-game, five-hit shutout for the Phils, who now have a four-game lead over the Mets in the NL East race.

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