Phillies 5K logoAs I posted previously, I am currently training for the sold-out Phillies’ 2nd annual 5k race on March 31 as part of my latest efforts to lose a total of 40 pounds. This is the third in what will be a series of updates here…

Although it was a bit on the chilly side today, it was sunny and dry so I went for another run. This time, I ran 3.1 miles—the equivalent of a 5K—in 32 min., 25 sec. That means I knocked nearly two full minutes off my time of 34 min., 10 sec. on a 3.11-mile run on Wednesday. Finally, I’m making progress in getting my time closer to 30 minutes.

As far as weight loss goes, I’ve now lost a total of 7 pounds…so 33 more to go. I have to admit, though…since it’s Super Bowl weekend and I hate both the Giants and Patriots, I’ll be eating a lot and drinking several bottles of Beach Haus Classic American Pilsner and Beach Haus Winter Rental to ease my pain…so I’ll probably have to work harder next week to shed the weight I expect to gain this weekend.

You can read my post from Jan. 28 for specifics, but I finished my only real 5K race in 27 min., 54 sec. back in fall 2006. However, I had been running regularly in the months leading up to it (the first time I ever ran like that in my life) and had lost 35 pounds. Now, after putting all the weight back on and being five-plus years older, my goal is to finish the Phillies 5K in less than 30 minutes.

I’ll be posting updates on my progress here once or twice a week.

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