Phillies 5K logoHere is the latest update on my training for the sold-out Phillies’ 2nd annual 5k race on March 31 as part of my current effort to lose a total of 40 pounds. This is the seventh in what will be a series of updates here…

It managed to get into the 50s (or close to it) a few times this week so I managed to get in three 3.2-mile runs. On Monday, I recorded a time of 31 min., 41 sec., which was eight seconds faster than my 2012 best set last Thursday (2/23).

But I turned in an even better time on Tuesday, finishing that run in 30 min., 57 sec. This marked my first 3.2-mile run under the 31-minute mark since I started training in January.

However, I bested that mark today when I posted a time of 30 min., 35 sec.

I’m getting closer to the point where I should be able to complete a 5K (3.1 miles) in less than 30 minutes (especially when you factor in I’m running an additional 1/10th of a mile each time out), which is a goal of mine for the Phillies 5K event on March 31. Today’s run also marked the fourth straight time I posted a faster time than the previous effort. Hopefully, my days of up-and-down run times are behind me and I will start seeing consistent improvement from here on out.

Also, I really have to figure out how to properly calibrate my Nike+ sensor. As I have already stated in previous updates, I have confirmed that four laps around my neighborhood equals 3.2 miles (0.8 miles per lap). However, except for my first run of the year, Nike+ has consistently recorded four laps in the 3.05 to 3.08 range, which I am ignoring. Tuesday’s run was only 2.95 miles, according to Nike+, which is really inaccurate. And today’s run was back at 3.03 miles…but I’m running the same route—and path—each time. Again, though, I am posting all my distances here based on the reality that each lap is 0.8 miles.

Progress hasn’t been as good on the weight-loss front. While I have now dropped 11 of the 40 pounds I want to lose, I only lost one more pound since last week. I’m still struggling with tracking my caloric intake so my workouts and runs are mostly only burning off the calories I shouldn’t have consumed in the first place.


You can read my post from Jan. 28 for specifics, but I finished my only real 5K race in 27 min., 54 sec. back in fall 2006. However, I had been running regularly in the months leading up to it (the first time I ever ran like that in my life) and had lost 35 pounds. Now, after putting all the weight back on and being five-plus years older, my goals are to finish the Phillies 5K in less than 30 minutes and lose 40 pounds.

On a personal note, another reason I am doing this is because my wife and I are expecting our first child in early July. I’ll be 41 a few days after my wife gives birth and I want to make sure I’m in shape into my 50s and 60s so I can do things with our kid (or, thinking ahead a bit…kids).

I’ll be posting updates on my progress here once or twice a week.

Here is a table with my run distances* and times charted during this training period:

Date Distance Time
3/1/2012 3.2 miles 30:35
2/28/2012 3.2 miles 30:57
2/27/2012 3.2 miles 31:41
2/23/2012 3.2 miles 31:49
2/22/2012 3.2 miles 34:18
2/17/2012 2.4 miles 24:19
2/15/2012 3.2 miles 33:33
2/10/2012 3.88 miles 44:00 (unofficial)
2/7/2012 3.2 miles 32:56
2/6/2012 1.0 miles 10:03
2/3/2012 3.2 miles 32:25
2/1/2012 3.2 miles 34:10
1/28/2012 1.6 miles 16:00 (unofficial)
1/26/2012 3.2 miles 34:18
*Some distances have been adjusted since my earlier updates due to the inaccuracy of my Nike+ sensor.

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