Phillies 5K logoHere is the latest update on my training for the sold-out Phillies’ 2nd annual 5k race on March 31 as part of my current effort to lose a total of 40 pounds. This is the 10th in a series of updates here…

Temperatures continued to reach into the 70s—and even 80s—this week in central New Jersey, and I managed to complete three more 3.2-mile runs.

Unfortunately, Tuesday’s 30 min., 28 sec. run marked the fourth straight “30-plus” outing since I finally broke the 30-minute barrier with a 29 min., 32 sec. run on March 13.

But I was able to turn things around Wednesday, when I completed another 3.2-mile run in a new 2012 personal best time of 29 min., 26 sec.

Thursday’s run was a little weird…at one point, during the second lap around my neighborhood, a small dog that usually barks at me from behind a fence decided to actually chase after me and was getting in my way, so I had to stop for about 30 seconds. Once that happened, I decided there was no point in pushing it so I coasted the rest of the way to a 30 min., 58 sec. run.

Meanwhile, on the weight-loss front, not great news…thanks to St. Patrick’s Day  food and beer consumption last wekend, it’s status quo from last week. So I’ve still only dropped 15 of the 40 pounds I want to lose.


You can read my post from Jan. 28 for specifics, but I finished my only real 5K race in 27 min., 54 sec. back in fall 2006. However, I had been running regularly in the months leading up to it (the first time I ever ran like that in my life) and had lost 35 pounds. Now, after putting all the weight back on and being five-plus years older, my goals are to finish the Phillies 5K in less than 30 minutes and lose 40 pounds.

On a personal note, another reason I am doing this is because my wife and I are expecting our first child in early July. I’ll be 41 a few days after my wife gives birth and I want to make sure I’m in shape into my 50s and 60s so I can do things with our kid (or, thinking ahead a bit…kids).

I’ll be posting updates on my progress here once or twice a week.

Here is a table with my run distances* and times during this training period:

Date Distance Time
3/22/2012 3.2 miles 30:58
3/21/2012 3.2 miles 29:26
3/20/2012 3.2 miles 30:28
3/15/2012 3.2 miles 30:22
3/14/2012 3.2 miles 31:52
3/13/2012 3.2 miles 29:32
3/8/2012 3.2 miles 30:32
3/7/2012 3.2 miles 30:06
3/1/2012 3.2 miles 30:35
2/28/2012 3.2 miles 30:57
2/27/2012 3.2 miles 31:41
2/23/2012 3.2 miles 31:49
2/22/2012 3.2 miles 34:18
2/17/2012 2.4 miles 24:19
2/15/2012 3.2 miles 33:33
2/10/2012 3.88 miles 44:00 (unofficial)
2/7/2012 3.2 miles 32:56
2/6/2012 1.0 miles 10:03
2/3/2012 3.2 miles 32:25
2/1/2012 3.2 miles 34:10
1/28/2012 1.6 miles 16:00 (unofficial)
1/26/2012 3.2 miles 34:18
bold=2012 personal best 3.2-mile time
*Some distances have been adjusted since my earlier updates due to the inaccuracy of my Nike+ sensor.

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