Well, I live in central New Jersey and the nor’easter being fueled by, I guess, former Hurricane Sandy (technically, it has evolved into an extratropical cyclone, rather than a tropical system so it no longer fits hurricane criteria) is about to get pretty bad for my home state.

To put it bluntly…it’s about to get real for New Jersey over the next eight hours or so…at least. As of 2 p.m. ET today, Sandy has hurricane force winds extending for 175 miles out from center and it’s 110 miles southeast of Atlantic City so we’re getting into the heart of the storm now. Fortunately, because it has sped up, it may make landfall ahead of high tide, which could minimize coastal flooding to a degree. But there is still going to be a huge storm surge so it may be inconsequential, really.

And—I’m reminded by my lights dimming as I type this—most of the state is going to be without power tonight so I just want to take this opportunity to wish my fellow New Jerseyans good luck as we…well, we’re witnessing history here. So let’s stay safe, get through it and tell the tale for future generations.

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