A long-overdue update on my training for the Broad Street Run, Atlantic City Triathlon and the Trenton Half-Marathon…

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Trenton Half Marathon

I’m back…sorry about the lack of recent updates on my training, but my workload rapidly picked up so I haven’t been doing as much preparation for my upcoming events lately. However, I haven’t stopped training…I just haven’t had time to update the blog or my tracker.

Since the last update, I’ve added to the list another big event for which I am preparing…Philly’s 10-mile Broad Street Run on May 4.

Anyway, I managed to get in a 3.11-mile run in the rain today and it went very well, finishing in a personal-best time of 26:51–a full 1:03 faster than my previous best 5K time of 27:54 in the American Heart Association’s Mercer County 5K Heart Run in Mercer County Park in 2006. My Nike+ app says that I completed the 5K distance today in 26:45 (since I ran a little longer than actual 5K distance).

Other recent highlights include: a 10-mile run in 1:45:49

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