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A quick update since my workload has continued to be rather busy lately…

…I went on three runs this past week. I started off with a pair of 5-mile runs on April 21 and April 22. I took a day off and then set off on my final 10-mile practice run for next Sunday’s Broad Street Run. Amazingly, it may have been the best run I ever gone on…I felt great throughout nearly the entire run. I never felt labored even though I was running at a faster-than-usual pace for me. The only issue I had was when my left leg started feeling heavy during the second mile—not a cramp or tightness, but almost as if it were numb or “asleep.” However, it went away and I went on to complete the run in a personal-best time of 1:39:04.

Since my last update, I also ran in the Barnabas…

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