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Well, my first Broad Street Run is in the books…

I completed today’s 10-mile Broad Street Run in 1:36:21. You can click here to view my result, but a) first make sure the “year” drop-down menu says “2014” and b) then search for my bib number: 24716. (Note: When you see the results, I am the Brian Kelley at the top, and that’s it…I have no idea who the other one was listed in all those other events at the bottom of the page.) This was my first “big event” as I ran down Philly’s Broad Street alongside 40,000 people. Plus, it was very cool to run through the heart of a city that I love so much.

I did see some areas in need of improvement regarding the event itself, which was surprising to me since this was its 35th year…and, actually, that in itself was part of the problem. The finisher’s medal incorrectly says “35th…

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