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So…it’s been close to a month since my last training update. Unfortunately, I haven’t really done much training in that time as I have been busy with life and work commitments—AND getting my ass kicked by a cold that stayed with me for close to three full weeks.

Actually, on July 8—the day I posted the last training update before this one—I got in a 10-mile bike ride (33:59) and 2-mile run (18:28). Other than that, I have only managed to complete three 20-mile bike rides and a handful of 5K-distance runs since then.

Of course, the troubling part is that my next big event is the Hightstown Triathlon just a couple of weeks away on August 17. That event is a sprint triathlon consisting of a 0.25-mile swim, a 14-mile bike ride and a 5K run. I would really love to get in either a pool or open-water swim before that, but…

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