Well, the “Last Call with Carson Daly” show I attended last week (see previous post) airs Friday night/Saturday morning at 1:35 a.m. ET, which of course is tonight/tomorrow morning.

I don’t remember seeing myself or my friend Katie on any of the monitors, but we were pretty close to Mike Doughty as he was performing and I wasn’t really watching the monitors too closely while Doughty was playing. But I guess there’s a chance at least one of us got a few seconds of screen time.

It was actually a pretty good lineup of guests…Anthony Anderson, Vivica A. Fox, comedian Jim Gaffigan and Doughty.

I just hope I can stay up to watch it and tape it…the timer on my VCR doesn’t really work and I have yet to join the TiVo revolution, which I guess you could call the “TiVo-lution.”

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