OK…I just went over to the Rider snack bar for one last cup of coffee for today (the place is only opened until 2 p.m. during most of the summer). Well, I get there around 1:40 p.m. only to find a couple of carafes of decaf. So they start brewing some regular coffee and — about 10 minutes later — I get my last cup of the day.

I walk outside and swat a bee away from my face. About 20 yards and 30 seconds later, a bee — don’t know if it’s the same one or not — hovers over my coffee in my right hand and then lands on my right wrist. It was almost as if the bugger was going after the coffee.

So I take my left hand and try to swat him off my wrist. The bee flies away…but so does the coffee, which I accidentally hit. The coffee lands on the walkway and starts pouring out of the hole in the lid. Thankfully, the lid did not come off and I only lost a fraction of the precious java.

More importantly, I don’t think anybody witnessed it…although, of course, I think a couple of women walking towards me several hundred feet in front saw me pick up the coffee after hearing the sound of it hitting the ground. They continued talking and acting normally, but I think they gave me a “what is your problem?” look as I walked by them.

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