UPDATE: Please disregard the rest of this post…I found the iPod. Read the comments to see what happened.

Well, somehow in all the mess that was my office yesterday (the person with whom I share an office was getting a new desk put together), my iPod has gone MIA.

I took it out of my bag around 1 p.m. and remember putting it on my desk. But then I went for coffee (when I got attacked by the bee) and kind of forgot about the iPod…until it was time to drive to Wilmington, DE, for a minor league baseball game featuring Rider alumnus Carl Loadenthal, an outfielder for the Class A Myrtle Beach Pelicans (Atlanta Braves affiliate). Anyway, I went out to my car and the iPod was not in my bag. I came back up to the office and couldn’t find it. It wasn’t in my car and it wasn’t at home plugged into the charger as I had hoped (which I should have realized was the case since the charger was in my bag).

So, I don’t want be accusatory, but the person putting the desk together was in the office while I went for coffee. I don’t want to say it was stolen, but I do wonder if it somehow got mixed up with the materials needed for the desk and it either got carried away or thrown out by accident.

Either way, I’m really kind of pissed.

2 thoughts on “My iPod is missing…er, found

  1. Nope…while I was looking for the iPod in my bag in the back of my car yesterday (when I first noticed it was missing), it must have slipped out without my noticing it and landed in a crevice I overlooked. But I just gave my car another look and found it…so my iPod is safe and sound!

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