OK…my boss just returned from a trip to her native Canada and brought me back my favorite candy bar, Coffee Crisp. Made by Nestle, Coffee Crisp is rather hard to find in the United States, but can be found everywhere in Canada. However, that is just the start…there are the tasty Smarties (not to be confused with our sugary Smartees), which are better-tasting M&Ms, and Aero bars that are Canadian favorites that don’t get marketed here in the States.

But today my boss shows me a bag of Lay’s potato chips she brought across the border…the flavor? Fries n’ Gravy (of course, it was also written in French on the bag). Now, why don’t we have an interesting flavor like that here? I’m tired of companies keeping the good junk food out of American hands.

OK…that silly rant is over.

2 thoughts on “Oh Canada…and its better junk food!

  1. in keeping with the theme…why does Budweiser in the UK/Europe have double the alcohol? It’s our own beer dammit!!

  2. What is the deal with that?? Have they tested the US Market and feel we would not like that junk food?

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