I had purchased two tickets a few weeks back for me and Katie to see Ben Folds at Radio City Music Hall in NYC on Nov. 7. Of course, the tickets are for seats in Row F of the second mezzanine.

Katie…the greatest person on the face of the Earth…ever! (I have to suck up to her big time for this!)

Anyway, unbeknownst to me, Katie entered a contest on BenFolds.com to win 2 tickets to the same show AND the opportunity to meet Ben and opening act The Fray backstage. Well, guess what? Katie won! And now those two tickets I purchased are going to get sold (I just can’t bring myself to scalp, so I’m selling them at a “2-for-1” price to someone she knows) and we’ll hopefully be sitting somewhere closer than 2nd mezzanine. But the big thing is…I’M GOING TO MEET BEN FOLDS!

Ben is probably second only to Peter Gabriel on my list of musical heros (well…Ben and Todd Rundgren might be tied for No. 2), so I am very excited about meeting him.

Of course, I’m flying to Florida a couple of days later for my friend Cliff’s wedding. I’m totally expecting either my flight down or my flight back to crash since there is no possible way that much can go right for me in the span of a week.

4 thoughts on “Thanks to KT, I will meet Ben Folds!

  1. Katie’s cute. Congrats on the Ben Folds meet. Try not to embarass yourself. Try not to sell Ben anything. Don’t drink.

  2. Hey man – my blogroll entry is still broken. Just try lemasney.com – the prefixes are designed to give me something to endlessly manage. [sigh]

  3. To quote Franz Ferdinand- “You’re so lucky, lucky, lucky!” Come read my post on Ben then let me know if you can help me answer my burning question for Ben. My blog is the sunglasses one, the other is a collective blog.

  4. Brian, We are going to have a great time in Florida, so lets hope it is not on the way here when it goes down…LOL

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