Thought I would use a Todd Rundgren song title for the purpose of this post…

…so I recently started running regularly each day. About two weeks ago, I missed a weekend of bike riding so I decided to hit the track at the middle school next to my apartment complex in Fairless Hills, Pa. I have been trying to do a mile a day ever since.

However, this morning, because of an opportunity to participate in a 5K run/walk on Sept. 16, I decided to try a 3-mile run. I am happy to say that I made it…and completed it in 30:29:40. Not great, but I’m going to try to cut a few minutes off of that between now and 9/16.

My mile times started out at 9 1/2 minutes and quickly improved to about 8 1/2 minutes. My last two mile runs have been completed in 7:59 and 7:58, respectively. So my goal is to complete the 5K run within 26 minutes.

Anyway, all this running—along with my usual cycling routine—has become a primary component of a personal weight-loss initiative. When I had my heart disease scare last December, I tipped the cardiologist’s scale at 208 pounds (with heavy shoes on, I might add).

Although my heart checked out OK, I went for a follow-up visit in mid-July. That time, I weighed 195 pounds (again, with shoes on).

Well, since then, I have kept a closer eye on not what I am eating, but how much I am eating. I’m trying to eat portions closer to the listed serving size and limiting my daily caloric intake based on my basic metabolic rate (generally, this is my current weight multiplied by 10).

As a result, I’m down to 179 pounds right now…I don’t remember the last time a “7” occupied the middle column of my weight. My target weight is 168 pounds, which would put my body mass index number at 24.8 and within the realm of normal weight…so I have 11 pounds to go.

Based on the rule that 3,500 calories equals approximately one pound of body fat, I need to shed 38,500 calories. I am trying to cut out at least 3,500 calories each week. If I can hold to that, I will reach my target weight in roughtly 11 weeks.

But I have set a goal of reaching 168 pounds by Nov. 12.

That date is also my friend’s wedding anniversary so this will also help me remember to send a card.


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