…I have officially registered for the 15th Annual Mercer County (NJ) Heart Walk and 5K Heart Run on Saturday, Sept. 16…as a runner.

Yeah…I never thought I’d be doing that either…but I am. It’s for a good cause and, since I’m participating with my colleagues, I will be scoring brownie points at work.

But here’s the deal…I need to raise some funds for this, so I could use your help. If you go to my Heart Run page, you can make a modest donation to the American Heart Association to support my endeavor…which would be awfully nice of you.

My personal goal is to raise $200, although I really didn’t choose that. It was a default setting when I registered. I would love to raise $200 or more, but I’d settle for $100…that way, I can get the official Heart Walk t-shirt!

Here’s an added incentive…should I raise the $100 t-shirt minimum and ironically drop dead of a heart attack during the Heart Run, my largest donor will get the shirt! If I survive? Well, I’ll e-mail you a photo of me wearing the shirt.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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