The title of this post is the actual headline of the San Jose Mercury News’ review of the new film “Jumper,” starring Hayden Christensen as a guy with the power of teleportation. The question posed in this headline is the same one I have been asking since Christensen single-handedly ruined “Star Wars” for me.

Here is an excerpt from Bruce Newman’s review

In fact, the only force on Earth so dense that it apparently can’t be moved even by the movie’s special effects is Christensen’s wooden acting. After bringing the second “Star Wars” trilogy to its knees as the inert Anakin Skywalker, his performance here threatens the very fabric of time and space.

Mr. Newman, I agree wholeheartedly.

15 thoughts on “‘Jumper’: Who told Hayden Christensen he could act?

  1. hayden is a great actor and you have no clue as to what “REAL TALENT” is…you wouldn’t know talent if it slapped you in the face! someone should!

  2. to be as honest i can be, hayden needs to deliver better. i specifically don’t watch movies that he’s in because i fall asleep in them. i literally feel nothing from him, and in that way i guess he can act, just that he can’t act well enough to make the movie/show any good.

  3. To Amber, you’ve got to be kidding me… right? Real Talent? If Hayden Christensen represents real talent, then Hollywood might as well pack up it’s bags and become a ghost town. He doesn’t deliver his lines as he should, he doesn’t draw you into his character, and it’s almost impossible to identify with him. If you’re asking for real talent, look at the Denzel Washingtons, the Jim Carreys, the Gene Hackmans, the Will Smiths, the Jodi Fosters, Hallie Berrys, and MIchelle Pfeiffers… need I go on?
    Those people have talent. Hayden doesn’t even deserve to be the page boy. He might have many talents, but acting ain’t one of them.
    He’s made it thus far only because he’s decent looking and little girls think he’s cute.

  4. he is the worst actor ever. it seems like he’s actually reading the lines like its a boring book or something.

  5. I used to like Star Wars, but now when I hear the title, all I can think about is this guy and his horrible acting. Its like watching 1980’s epileptic robot that looks like its about to burst into tears every 15 seconds.

    I cant stand this guy.

  6. I love these comments…And yeah, he’s a terrible actor. Sorry Hayden, man, but your delivery sucks. You need to get *into* the character, imagine what he’s feeling and thinking and react accordingly. You’re an actor, and must know this already, so freakin DO IT now!

  7. He’s obviously not an actor. He’s a guy who sometimes stands in front of a camera and reads lines… and he’s not even good at that. Why anyone has even heard of this clown is beyond me.

    I suppose if he has any talent whatsoever, it must be the God given ability to destroy a film all by himself.

  8. I wish they had switched Jamie Bell with Hayden Christensen’s character. That way a great show could go on.

  9. @Amber
    Start mounting a realistic argument by citing specific examples of Christensen’s acting acumen or by refuting specific claims made by other posters, namely Tobe’s quality retort, with which you disagree. By attacking the poster personally you commit a logical fallacy called an ad hominem attack (look it up). Yelling that “he has more talent in his ass” not only fails to prove your argument but has the added benefit of making you look like a drooling fangirl (again look it up). You’re beating yourself in this argument. Fun to watch though.

    NOTE: Post edited by moderator.

  10. I hate to bash bad actors, but Hayden, I’m afraid, did not deliver a good performance in the Star Wars movies. I actually liked him in Jumper, but for taking on a role of the greatest movie villain of all time was beyond his reach in terms of doing that role justice.

    It is not Hayden’s fault, it is Lucas’ fault. Lucas is known for taking on unknowns and near newbies as a gamble. I mean, let’s face it, he made Harrison Ford, as well as Natalie Portman, and to some degree – Carrie Fisher (Mark Hamil did not do so well in roles other than voice acting). But Hayden seemed to backfire on him.

    But if I were Hayden and offered a role like that, I would have taken it in a heartbeat, not caring if I was bad for it or not. I mean a chance to play Darth Vader!?! Instant fame and fortune.

    I don’t if it is possible for Hayden to do a good job at acting. He is great to look at, but his delivery seems to go from emotionless to extreme anger in 0.3 seconds – and those seem to be the only two forms of delivery he can give, and neither one is very good.

    He has no real depth in character. No character at all, for that matter. He is just like a guy, well, reading lines (as stated in posts above).

    So yeah, his performance as Pre-Vader is hard to watch, knowing that someone else could have done such a better job with this role, but as a bog Star Wars fan, and supporter of George Lucas, I make myself enjoy Hayden so these movies would not be ruined for me.

  11. YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!! this guy is a terrible actor but i guess if enough girls are in awe of how cute he is then we should just keep letting him make movies….WRONG!!!!

  12. He is awful… these are his lines.
    “It wasn’t supposed to be this way…”
    “I love you Padme…”
    “You betrayed me…!!”
    “I hate you!!!”
    And repeat those in different contexts. Bam.

  13. no amber…hate to break it to you but he can’t act. He sucked in Star Wars…Sucked in Jumper…and did HORRIBLE in Awake. Face it. He either needs classes or he needs to take his millions from the two crappy prequels and stay at home.

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