‘Jumper’: Who told Hayden Christensen he could act?

The title of this post is the actual headline of the San Jose Mercury News’ review of the new film “Jumper,” starring Hayden Christensen as a guy with the power of teleportation. The question posed in this headline is the same one I have been asking since Christensen single-handedly ruined “Star Wars” for me.

Here is an excerpt from Bruce Newman’s review

In fact, the only force on Earth so dense that it apparently can’t be moved even by the movie’s special effects is Christensen’s wooden acting. After bringing the second “Star Wars” trilogy to its knees as the inert Anakin Skywalker, his performance here threatens the very fabric of time and space.

Mr. Newman, I agree wholeheartedly.

Britney goes for alien look

OK…this is scary.

And I don’t mean that picture of the newly bald Britney Spears…although that is pretty scary looking.

What I find scary is that a few weeks back, there were all sorts of media reports going around that Russell T. Davies, the executive producer of my favorite TV show, “Doctor Who,” wanted Spears to appear in “Doctor Who” as a group of sex-crazed aliens cloned to look like her.

I dismissed the stories as, what the Brits would say, rubbish. However, looking at these pics of a bald Britney Spears, I am scared that she might be getting ready for that “Doctor Who” role after all.

Now, THAT would be scary.

I usually love all episodes of “Doctor Who,” no matter how weak they might be. But I would have to say any “Doctor Who” story featuring Britney would be, as The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy would say:

Worst. Episode. Ever.

(Photo: People.com)