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MessedUpMemorials Chillicothe, Ohio’s ill-conceived Korean War memorial (top) and Ottawa’s memorial to the wrong Jack Purcell (bottom). Photo credits: Top – unknown; Bottom-CTV News.

So…here is the story of two city-sanctioned memorials that completely crapped the bed from planning to installation.

First, we have a Korean War memorial that was unveiled during a Memorial Day ceremony in Chillicothe, Ohio. Now, you have to remember that the Korean War is known as “The Forgotten War” because it was sandwiched between higher profile conflicts like World War II and the Vietnam War. Yes, a very hugely popular movie and television series — “M*A*S*H”—was set in the Korean War, but people seem to remember that fact more than the actual conflict.

The town of Chillicothe and its area veterans wanted to build something that would pay tribute to county residents who lost their lives during the Korean War and give the conflict and its veterans the attention they…

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