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Hey, what do you know? I finally remembered to post a “Back in Training” update.

With my first Broad Street Run behind me, I’m now focusing on training for the Atlantic City Triathlon on September 14.

On May 29, I attempted to do an out-of-sequence version of the triathlon, which consists of a 1-mile swim, a 20-mile bike ride and a 10K run. I rode my bike 4.67 miles to the local community college, where I had been doing my swim training. I had a backpack with my swim trunks, towels, locks (for the gym locker and my bike), etc. However, I forgot one important item…my pool pass. The lifeguards don’t let anyone in the pool without it. Instead of doing a mile in the pool, I got back on my bike and rode 16.6 miles for a combined total of 21.27 miles on the bike that day. I followed that up with a…

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