A recap of my Atlantic City Int’l Triathlon experience on Sunday…

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Well, I completed the Atlantic City International Triathlon yesterday and finished in just a tad more than three hours, which is pretty much what I expected.

Before I get into my exact time and splits, I just want to share my thoughts on my first–and likely my last–international triathlon experience. While the weather–clear and cool at around 60° F–was perfect for such strenuous activity, it was a bit on the windy side for the bike ride with winds out of the north at approximately 17 m.p.h. (with 20 m.p.h. gusts). While the Atlantic City Expressway–where we rode, for the most part–is considered an east-west roadway, the section near Atlantic City has more of a northwest-southeast tilt so we were getting a lot of that wind in our faces for when we were riding away from Atlantic City.

Also, at the second turn of the one-mile swim, I suddenly noticed I was going against…

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